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NABLA Mobility

NABLA is named after the nabla operator to take partial derivatives of each parameter. We combined the nabla operator with "Mobility" to seek its global minimal value as the symbol of optimization.

The logo of NABLA Mobility is comprised of three vertical tails with different colors, yellow, green, and blue. The yellow, green, and blue tails represent land, forest, and sky (with an implication of sea and space) respectively. That says it reflects our corporate vision to improve the global environment from the aspect of energy utilization.


Company name

NABLA Mobility Inc.

Head office

9 Haraikatamachi, Sakanoue Terrace #7

Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, 162-0841, Japan


Shinji Tanaka

Business area 

- Software development, sales, operation and maintenance

- Business consultation

Selected topics including corporate strategy, corporate transformation and information system


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