Conquer Complexity to Inspire Mobility


Why we are here

NABLA Mobility contributes to decarbonize the aviation industry by providing AI/ML solutions for leaner airline operations.


The aviation industry is faced with severe challenges to pursue its decarbonization target in 2050, while every industry expedites its process to reach its aggressive targets. Due to the limited availability of fundamental solutions in the time frame of a decade, it is crucial for airlines to further improve operational efficiency for both short and long time horizons. There are some optimization solutions employing deterministic approaches including one for flight planning. In order to address the remaining suboptimal situations, we also employ stochastic approaches to accommodate uncertainties in airspace so that airlines manage to make optimal decisions with autonomy.


NABLA Mobility commits to realizing a solution enabling such seamless operation employing cutting-edge technologies with a bold mindset.

NABLA Mobility develops, so-called, "Smart navigation system for Aviation", an adaptive advisory tool to implement better flight trajectories and flight settings. In fact, airspace is usually filled with many uncertainties in the various aspects of flight conditions.


Our solution utilizes the power of AI/ML in the algorithms of data platform and optimization solvers and we contribute to augment the operational excellence and the decarbonization of the aviation industry.

Our philosophy

The criteria of thinking, judgment, and action in our team


Why do we address this issue? What innovation do we want to deliver? How are we supposed to be/behave as a member of an innovative team? We make our decisions based on our vision and the integrity as a team pursuing it.

State of the art

We always pursue the state of the art technology as we leverage its potential to address issues. Furthermore, we choose the most appropriate approach that suits our objectives without excessively weighing on novelty.


We boldly investigate the potential of new ideas and approaches without fear of failure. Safety is inherently our number of priority in mobility, while safety and boldness coexist in our behavior.


NABLA Mobility is looking for talents to pursue our vision together.