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Conquering complexity.
Inspiring mobility.



Conquering complexity.
Inspiring mobility.

Mobility has brought technological, economic, social, and cultural development as the foundation of people's lives and civilization.

Mobility, however, has also brought about an enormous environmental burden, and we now face with the reality that Mobility accounts for nearly 20% of global CO2 emissions nowadays.


We solve the complexities involved in the "Operation of Fleets" of Mobility and support its evolution and decarbonization as optimizing decision making and saving energy consumption.

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Augment operational decision making with technology 

Aviation operations require predictions for as long as 16 hours for rapidly changing environments; ever-changing winds, other aircrafts flying at 850 km/h, dynamic turbulence, etc.
Flight operation experts have to make tactical operational decisions in complex environments, relying on their experiences.

NABLA Mobility aims to solve this complex problem of operational optimization using technology, such as AI/ML and user-centric design.



We are a team that integrates top-notch engineering & designing talents with out-of-the-box perspectives that came from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Shinji Tanaka

Shinji Tanaka

Founder & CEO

Shinji Tanaka founded NABLA Mobility in 2021. Before founding NABLA Mobility, Shinji worked as a project manager in BCG (Tokyo & Atlanta) for 7 years, supporting corporate strategy development, M&A, and operational transformation of various global companies. He also worked as an aircraft engine engineer in IHI for 3 years. Shinji did his internship at Max-Planck Institute in Germany.
Shinji holds a Master's degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from both MIT and the University of Tokyo respectively.

Makoto Sato

Makoto Sato

Co-Founder & CTO

Makoto Sato co-founded NABLA Mobility in 2021. Before co-founding a company, he worked as a software engineer and data scientist in various layers and startup companies. He also served as a CTO at several startups.
Makoto holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the University of Tokyo.

Kazuhiro Hiramoto

Kazuhiro Hiramoto

Board member & Software Engineer

Kazuhiro (Kazu) Hiramoto joined NABLA Mobility as a software engineer. Before joining the company, Kazu worked as a software & algorithm engineer at Morpho, Inc. for 10 years. He was responsible for algorithm development and project management for HW implementation of image processing and acceleration with digital signal processing. He also worked as a Software engineer & researcher in NEC for 5 years, where his focus was researching high-level design tools (CyberWorkBench) of LSI.
Kazu holds a Master's degree in Information Science from the University of Tokyo.

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We are looking for talents who are passionate about achieving the mission together.
If your passion is building Mobility's future, 
​we are the right team.

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NABLA Mobility was featured in Mirai-no-oshigoto web magazine


NABLA Mobility Selected to Japan’s “The 100 Most Amazing Ventures 2023” by Toyo-Keizai


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