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NABLA Mobility Raised Pre-Series A Round of Funding Totaling Approximately JPY 320 Million (USD 2.5 Million) from Investors Including The Boeing Company


NABLA Mobility Inc.

Tokyo, Japan. 19 June 2023, 13 PM JST:  NABLA Mobility Inc. (Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, CEO: Shinji Tanaka, NABLA Mobility, “NABLA Mobility”, “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully completed a funding round for Pre-Series A, raising approximately JPY 320 million (USD 2.5 million) through the issuance of paid-in new share warrants and third-party allocation of shares. This funding round includes participation from our existing investor, Incubate Fund, as well as The Boeing Company, DNX Ventures, ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc., Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd., and individual investors. The funds raised will be allocated towards the development and enhancement of our aviation operations optimization software, “Weave,” as well as bolstering our talent acquisition efforts.

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 The decarbonization of the aviation industry is a critical challenge as the global expansion of air transportation in the future. According to estimates by BCG[1], if the current trajectory continues, the aviation industry's carbon emissions could account for approximately 20% of the global total by 2050. However, the initiatives required for decarbonization are technologically and operationally demanding, presenting challenging areas to address. In particular, optimizing aviation operations is of utmost importance, as it can yield immediate results even with existing infrastructure. Nevertheless, it has been regarded as highly challenging due to the intricate interplay between various environmental factors such as turbulence and weather, and the complexities involved in transporting passengers, cargo, and aircraft on a global scale. As air traffic continues to grow, the complexity of operational activities is expected to escalate further, making the implementation of cutting-edge predictive technologies an urgent priority for airlines. Strengthening operational resilience is a pressing issue that lies ahead for the entire industry.

 Driven by our mission of “Conquering Complexity. Inspiring Mobility.,” we are actively championing decarbonization in the aviation industry by leveraging state-of-the-art technology to bolster airlines' operational resilience. As the core technological capability, we have created “Untangle,” a distinctive predictive algorithm built on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) principles. Complementing this, we have launched the beta version of “Weave,” a software product designed to empower pilots in their decision-making processes during flights.

 Weave incorporates advanced features such as turbulence avoidance and altitude optimization, leveraging ML/AI-based predictions of uncertainties such as turbulence, traffic flow, and weather. By combining these core prediction models, Weave enables airlines to fly safer routes with better efficiency, reducing operational burden while ensuring a comfortable and safe route. Furthermore, Weave can be seamlessly integrated with existing operational software used by airlines through API integration. This flexibility allows airlines to tailor the implementation of Weave to their specific needs, combining it with various existing software solutions. Weave's innovative capabilities and our company's core technological expertise have received a strong reputation in the industry, as demonstrated by our partnerships with Peach Aviation and the University of Tokyo for Fixed-flight path angle descent procedure verification, as well as being the only Japanese company selected for Boeing's Aerospace Xelerated program.


 The funds will be utilized to accelerate the product development and feature expansion of Weave, as well as to strengthen the core algorithm set, Untangle. Additionally, a portion of the funding will be allocated toward global talent acquisition and the acceleration of business development.


 NABLA Mobility remains committed to leveraging our ML/AI-based predictive and optimization technologies, which are our strengths, to unravel the complexity of aviation operations. Through enhancing the operational resilience of airlines, we will continue to support the global aviation industry in its decarbonization efforts.

Fundraising summary

  • The fundraised amount for the Pre-Series A round: approx. JPY 320 Million USD USD 2.5 Million)

  • Major investors(alphabetical order)

    • The Boeing Company

    • DNX Ventures

    • Incubate Fund

    • ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc.

    • Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd.


Comments from investors

The Boeing Company                              Head of Global Accelerators and Innovation Programs  Nichola Bates

 Boeing’s Aerospace Xelerated chose to invest in NABLA Mobility because their solution directly addresses the complexity of operational efficiency. Operations connect to everything and at a global scale. Innovation within this domain has proved to be a real challenge in the past. We believe that NABLA Mobility's unique solution, rooted in innovative technologies and a profound understanding of flight operations, will allow airlines to achieve a new level of operational resilience.

DNX Ventures                                           Managing Partner/Head of Japan Akira Kurabayashi

 We are pleased to have invested in NABLA Mobility, a company that contributes to decarbonization through optimizing airline operations and are delighted to support the competent team of aviation experts led by CEO Shinji Tanaka. With the global shortage of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), NABLA Mobility is expected to play a significant role in society, and we look forward to using the funds we have raised to bring innovation to the aviation industry.

Incubate Fund             General Partner & Co-Founder Yusuke Murata

 NABLA Mobility has moved forward to the next stage. This round will be a major milestone in the global scale of the company, product and team. We hope that our company will become a major leader in decarbonizing the entire aviation industry.

ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc.         President & CEO / Partner Shinzo Nakano

 NABLA Mobility's solutions for the airline industry will not only support decarbonization, but will also strongly promote operational efficiency for pilots and fleet managers, and we expect NABLA Mobility to become an essential part of the global airline industry. We look forward to providing maximum support in various aspects, including financing and business development, for the further growth of our company.

Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd.             Deputy General Manager Masahiro Goto

 NABLA Mobility is a company with high expertise in aerospace engineering, meteorology, and machine learning that can meet the diverse needs of decarbonizing the airline industry as well as improving aircraft comfort and on-time operation and reducing the workload of flight managers. We look forward to working together to solve social issues.








【Hiring information】

 NABLA Mobility is looking for team members who share our mission of "Conquering Complexity. Inspiring Mobility. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us or apply through our recruiting page.


 Please click here for the latest employment information.→ Careers



【About NABLA Mobility】

 NABLA Mobility is a startup that designs, develops, and markets airline operational optimization software with the mission “Conquering Complexity. Inspiring Mobility.” The company aims to improve operational resilience and achieve decarbonization by supporting more optimal operational decision-making in the airline industry and various modes of transportation using the latest technologies, including machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Weave, a product that supports optimal operational decision-making, is based on Untangle, a set of proprietary ML/AI algorithms.


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NABLA Mobility Inc.

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[1]  “Plotting Aviation’s Uncharted Course to Net Zero”(Boston Consulting Group, 2021)

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