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Conquering complexity. Inspiring mobility.

Our society has employed various efforts to decarbonize Mobility.
However, most initiatives are "Manufacturing focus" and not from an "Operation of fleets" perspective.

Widely known fact, the decarbonization of aviation industry is not achievable simply by switching aircraft and fuels to those with lower carbon emissions.

We aim to innovate Mobility by optimizing the "Operation of Fleets" with technology.



We incessantly ask questions; Why do we tackle these issues? What do we want to achieve as a result? How do we prepare ourselves as a member of the team making innovation? Mobility is a critical and complex industry that consists of the foundation of society.


To inspire this area, we believe Integrity is a key - Coming with our vision, Integrity in the issues and in the people we collaborate with is underlying each of our decisions.

State of the art

As a team that truly believes in technology's potential, we endeavor the technological state-of-the-art. But that does not mean we do not seek a space to adapt proven tools to solve the issues.

Solving issues most effectively and practically, we combine both innovative solutions leveraged the latest technologies and proven solutions with a solid track record.
"State-of-the-art" to us is the way we solve the issues.


We have no hesitation in iterating trial and error by attempting eye-opening perspectives and adopting new technology. In the meantime, we value safety the most to avoid any tiny odds of dangers. 

We boldly seek to achieve both of these ambivalent values - this boldness is at the core of our team.

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