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Weave Pilot

  • How do I request a new feature?
    If you would like to request a new feature please tell us about with a feedback form. And thank you in advance!
  • How much of the world does Weave Pilot cover?
    Weave Pilot's data modeling has global coverage. Conditions in any part of the world can be explored and inspected. However, for testing purposes, during the beta period (September - October 2022), direct-to functions are limited to flights taking place within Japanese airspace.
  • Do I have to sign in to use Weave Pilot?
    During the beta period (September - October 2022), Weave Pilot is free to use, and sign-in is not required.
  • How do I report an issue?
    If you would like to report an issue, please tell us about it with a feedback form. Critique is always welcome! Thank you in advance!
  • Can I file a flight plan with Weave Pilot?
    No, because Weave Pilot is not flight planning software it does not include the ability to file a flight plan with the appropriate bodies.
  • Where can I find Weave Pilot’s technical specifications?
    All of Weave Pilot's specifications are available in the Technical Specifications section.
  • Is there any way to upload a flight plans to Weave Pilot?
    Currently, the ability to upload flight plans not available. However this feature is in active development. Please stay tuned!
  • Does Weave Pilot replace flight planners?
    No, Weave Pilot does not replace flight planning software. Instead, it adds a layer of intelligence on top of flight plans, to give you more options. Weave Pilot works with your favorite flight planning software (as well as paper flight plans) without upgrades or replacements.
  • What is the difference between Weave Pilot and Weave Fleet?
    Weave Pilot is built to serve the needs of general aviation pilots and companies, with tailored features, such as low altitude weather modeling. Weave Fleet is an upcoming product that is focused on serving commercial airlines, with the ability to simultaneously optimize flight operations for multiple planes.

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