NABLA Mobility exhibited to NBAA Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition held in Orlando, FL, USA


NABLA Mobility Inc.

    NABLA Mobility Inc. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shinji Tanaka, "NABLA Mobility") has exhibited the booth at NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition ("NBAA BASE") held by the US National Business Aviation Association ("NBAA").

 NBAA-BASE is the world's largest exhibition in the general aviation industry (note1), attracting more than 25,000 general aviation industry stakeholders annually. NBAA-BASE has been participated by a broad range of industry experts, including business jet operators, maintenance providers, IT system developers, aviation fuel retailers, etc. It is one of the most prominent conferences in the industry, acknowledged as the major networking and trend-searching place. In 2022, it was held from October 18th to 20th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA.

 NABLA Mobility exhibited to NBAA-BASE to publicize and collect feedback from industry experts for its' recently published beta version of "Weave Pilot". It is the SaaS product for pilots and flight operation personnel in the general aviation industry, based on NABLA Mobility's set of unique machine learning ("ML") and artificial intelligence ("AI") technologies for flight operation optimization. Weave Pilot has features for optimizing altitude transitions and direct-to suggestions to pilots and operators, considering wind and turbulence predictions based on ML and AI by just inputting flight plans to the webpage (we plan to add other functions in the close future).

Through exhibiting at NBAA-BASE, NABLA Mobility built a network with a broad range of industry stakeholders and collected various positive feedback on both technology and products regarding Weave Pilot. By leveraging this, We will continue to support enhancing operational resilience in the aviation industry.

Note 1. General Aviation is air operations that exclude commercial aviation and military aviation, such as business jet operations and airline charter flight operations.

Note 2. Flight plans are operational plans that operators have to submit to the aviation authorities before the flight. It includes departure airport, arrival airport, scheduled air route and altitude, aircraft information, scheduled departure/arrival time, etc.

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NABLA Mobility is a technology startup company founded in April 2021. We develop and provide products that enhance operational resiliency by augmenting operational decision-making. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to address the uncertainty of operational environments. We are committed to the constant endeavor for our mission, "Conquering Complexity. Inspiring Mobility."

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