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NABLA Mobility’s Feasibility Study Proposal Accepted by the “JAXA Aviation Innovation Challenge 2022, Powered by DBJ”


NABLA Mobility Inc.

    NABLA Mobility Inc. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shinji Tanaka, "NABLA Mobility") has been selected for a feasibility study as part of the “JAXA Aviation Innovation Challenge 2022 Powered by DBJ”, held by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency ("JAXA"), in cooperation with the Development Bank of Japan Inc. (“DBJ”).

    “The JAXA Aviation Innovation Challenge” (“the program”) was initiated by the Aviation Technology Directorate of JAXA to seek new technologies, innovation, and ideas in global aviation, and strengthen the competitiveness of Japan's aviation industry. The program is an open innovation challenge that calls for ideas and technologies from various fields.

 Under the Program, NABLA Mobility will conduct a feasibility study on the theme of 'Algorithmic prediction of traffic congestion and interference along flight paths to improve operational resilience and decarbonization.' Global air traffic is expected to grow in the future, post-COVID-19. Consequently, air traffic congestion and interference forecasting technology is becoming increasingly crucial to the goal of achieving flight optimization and decarbonization. However, prior research remains nascent and practical implementation has not yet been fully completed.

 NABLA Mobility has developed an algorithm that can not only predict the trajectory of individual aircraft but also precisely predict air traffic congestion and interference. Using machine learning the algorithm considers the potential of each aircraft to interfere with the trajectory of every other aircraft. With the support from JAXA and DBJ, NABLA Mobility will continue to verify the feasibility of the technology by refining the model and improving the algorithm design.

Figure: Inefficiency caused by traffic congestion and innovation of NABLA Mobility’s technology

About NABLA Mobility (

NABLA Mobility is a technology startup company founded in April 2021. We develop and provide products that enhance operational resiliency by augmenting operational decision-making. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to address the uncertainty of operational environments. We are committed to the constant endeavor for our mission, "Conquer Complexity to Inspire Mobility."

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